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Abel Noser Corp

Abel Noser Corp

Abel Noser Corp provides a suite of global equity and FX analytical research products including pre-trade, real-time, and post-trade measurement services. Product delivery is supplemented with a consultative approach to assist clients in the interpretation of their results to highlight actionable recommendations focused on alpha capture. Abel Noser’s core competence is transaction cost analysis (TCA) and currently services more than 500 institutions globally.

Asset classes and markets

Abel Noser’s TCA covers equities and FX across
global markets

Transaction data

Abel Noser has a range of transaction data
inclusive of leading and proprietary order management systems, execution
management systems and custodial data.


Abel Noser has over 75 metrics on offer for
comparison to cater for almost every scenario and prevailing order instruction
or target objective, including tick and volume participation scenarios. The
firm also offers stock specific peer benchmarking for additional relative

Reporting options

Reporting frequency is based on client preferences
and is delivered via the web or email. A client may choose from a host of
reports, ranging from best execution through to portfolio manager reports.
Customised summaries are also available.

Consultancy services

On-site consultancy reviews are provided quarterly
to supplement the TCA product provision, combining qualitative and quantitative
information to extract actionable recommendations and commentary on alpha

Pre-trade analysis

A web-based pre-trade product provides an empirical
based estimate, calibrated off actual results from our client peer universe,
while also allowing users to overlay their views on market direction and
calibrate the estimate based upon their own trading history.

Future plans

Abel Noser plans to continue investment in to its analytical suite of equity products, which includes a back testing tool and expansion of its cross asset class measurement services.