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Abel Noser Solutions - Foreign Exchange Transaction Cost Analysis

Abel Noser FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) is a real-time TCA tool.


Abel Noser
Solutions delivers FX TCA reports through a web portal. The reports show costs
by market, manager, and broker. Costs are measured versus the tick average
price for the trading time period.

Market coverage

Spots and
forwards are measured for all currency pairs.

Customer support

receive their reports through a web portal. Customer support is available from
Abel/Noser representatives.



Customers can provide information for custom reporting i.e., algo type, trade reason code, broker reason code, etc. Also, time-stamped trades are measured versus the intra-day trade interval.

Future plans

Abel Noser Solutions will migrate FX TCA reporting from the current web-based reporting to its online analytical tool, Trade-Zoom, which will allow custom data aggregation, multiple measures, custom benchmarks, drill-through capability, and trade graphing.