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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) has access and memberships to all of the major global futures exchanges. The bank’s suite of futures algorithms includes Instinct, Ambush, POV, MicroSlice, VWAP, and TWAP. 


Algos use BAML’s Dynamic Signals Platform to adjust
trading behaviour throughout the order; signals include Imbalance and Price
Motion. Users’ also have the ability to change parameters and strategies


Support services

Users have access to dedicated electronic futures
sales traders 24-hours, six days a week. They provide immediate advice and
support. An execution consulting team that provides constructive post-trade
feedback, alpha profiling and suggestions on trading strategies is also

Access routes

Clients can access BAML’s listed futures algorithms
through third-party vendor platforms, or directly through proprietary client



The company is providing new trading functionality
including synthetic iceberg functionality for exchanges that don’t offer icebergs.
Volume and volatility signals have been added to BAML’s dynamic signals
platform. BAML has also expanded its product coverage: all major equity index,
fixed income and commodities futures are currently available across each
region. New global products will be added this year.