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BATS Global Markets

BATS Global Markets

BATS provides market data and market share statistics from all major trading exchanges and venues. Basic market data on BATS is free and full order-by-order depth of book historical data is offered dating back to 2008. In Europe and the US it provides numerous free market data feeds, while BATS Exchange in the US also provides TOP (top of book) and European market data free of charge.
BATS offers market share statistics in the markets in which it trades free of charge on its websites. It also offers free historical data for both the US options market and the European equities market.

Fee structure

In Europe, BATS does not charge for commercial information services. In the US, it offers market data products for charge, including Last Sale Feed (matched trades only) and Historical Data (PITCH / TOP / last sale).
Its market data products in the US are priced on a monthly basis. The Last Sale Feed costs $5,000 per month for internal use and $25,000 per month for external distribution. Its Historical Data product is available for $500 per month. Three months of historical data is available via download on the BATS website. Additional data beyond three months can be uploaded onto a BATSprovided terabyte drive at a cost of $2,500 per drive.
BATS does not have any special arrangements for third party use of its data.


BATS offers numerous participant tools as part of its web portal. Analytical and decision support tools are offered free of charge to participants on BATS.
In Europe, BATS has launched Market Analytic Services and has offered an API to market participants so they have the opportunity to run in-depth market analysis within the BATS market.
BATS customises data by offering market data feeds in Europe and the US, including Multicast PITCH, TCP Pitch and TCP Fast Pitch (full depth of book), plus DROP (participant trading activity).
Each BATS market data product may be subscribed to unbundled, regardless of charge.

Delivery channels

BATS clients work with its network engineers to take market data feeds directly. Some clients work through other market data vendors to receive its market data feed.


BATS works with all customers and potential customers to ensure they are receiving accurate and timely data.

Future plans

CIn the US, BATS currently sells some value-added products and is considering doing the same in Europe.