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Bloomberg Tradebook

Peter HowardEmail: phoward31@bloomberg.netTel: +44 20 4525 8785

Bloomberg Tradebook’s execution consulting offering aims to deliver measurable and unique solutions to clients around data analysis by adding value to the trading cycle beginning with pre-trade strategy to real-time implementation analytics and alerts ending with post-trade evaluation.

Research and analytics

Bloomberg Tradebook provides direct access to
independent research in a high-touch, flexible engagement model. It offers
venue and toxicity reports to further contribute to the consultative and
transparent approach taken with clients and educates them around how its
platform makes trading decisions.


Customisation can take place in various formats:
the level of service a client wishes to have via an execution consultant, for
example, how often he speaks to him/her or how much coverage to receive
throughout the trading day; or the tweaking of our product offering to satisfy
the client’s investment, trading strategy and style. Based on the needs of a
client and how he/she trades, Tradebook can tweak its solution to fulfil the
needs of a trader that may be looking for an outsourced and hands-on solution
versus one that isn’t.

Client support

Bloomberg Tradebook’s customer support model is a sophisticated service and support model that delivers to clients an encompassing and influential solution that harmonises five elements: risk management, data, technology, analytics and market structure knowledge.