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BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas aims to provide TCA on all applicable trades and orders. Analyses are tailored to the needs of the clients ranging from single-line orders with individual benchmarks to listbased orders against aggregated benchmarks. The firm’s proprietary pre-trade analysis utilises risk measurements and historical data to advise clients on preferred trading strategies as well as potential challenges. Post-trade analysis is designed to help clients identify performance against benchmarks and isolate the drivers of realised outcome.

Asset classes and markets

BNP offers support for equities globally. Trade-related data can be provided to clients on demand and will be handled with confidentiality.


Benchmarks offered include VWAP, open, previous close, day’s close, arrival price and PWP and bespoke benchmarks.

Reporting options

Clients can customise/ configure their own pre- and post-trade reports with an option of breakdown of country, sector, market cap, execution venue and bid/ask spread. These reports can be sent regularly (day of trade, monthly, quarterly on aggregate basis etc) or on demand.

Consultancy services

BNP Paribas execution specialists review trade results with clients periodically based on TCA analysis to help clients better understand the trade risk and build appropriate execution strategies based on their specific needs.

Pre-trade analysis

• Snapshot of entire portfolio, predicting trading impact cost and opportunity cost

• Highlights names with highest % ADV, bid/ask spread, estimated impact and volatility

• Graphical representation of weight/cost distribution of portfolio

• Comparison of estimated trading costs per trading strategy choice

• Displays predicted trading schedule

• Breakdown per name of costs and optimal trading strategy

Future plans

Ongoing upgrades to TCA are planned within the next 12-18 months.