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CIMB Securities

CIMB Securities

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It provides connectivity to all major exchanges within the Asia Pacific region

Routing logic

All routing decisions are made dynamically, routing
orders according to displayed liquidity and a real time evaluation of the
probability of execution. We do not employ a predetermined routing order or
statically defined primary venue choice.

User protection

At the micro level, CIMB’s strongest protection is
the removal of any simple deterministic behaviour that could be easily
exploited. This may come in the form of randomisation or variation of displayed
sizes, prices and reaction times.


Algorithm customisation is our key distinguishing
factor and our algorithmic trading suite is designed from the ground up to
allow for extensive customisation at all levels. This can take the form of
modification to existing strategies (such as custom profiles, analytics or fair
value signals) or a complete bespoke strategy. Our modular framework allows us
to focus our attention on the design and optimisation of the areas of key value
whilst maintaining the stability and end-to-end resiliency demanded.

Future plans

CIMB has a set of strategies that can trade the
microstructure effectively, but the big picture has been lost and we have
reverted to significant manual intervention and supervision. To proceed with
this class of strategies, price has to be reintroduced as a primary driving
factor. In short, we have focused too heavily on the ‘how’ to trade, to the
detriment of the ‘when’ to trade.