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Citi operates a full service agency and capital committing program trading desk both regionally and globally.
The bank has execution, research, analytics and capital committing capabilities in all major developed and emerging markets.
Citi considers its differentiating factors to be access to liquidity, global coordination, infrastructure, analytics, operational efficiencies and access to risk capital.
The firm mixes overnight flows, live Asian client flows, major markets across the region and CitiMatch, its internal dark pool. The firm also has a well-established risk desk that enables it to price and manage risk.

Liquidity access

As many Asian countries only have one exchange, access to alternative venues is limited. In all countries where there are multiple exchanges Citi has access to those venues as well as its CitiMatch internal dark pool.

Client coverage

Citi serves all major clients from across the globe, including sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) arbitrageurs, mutual funds and insurance firms.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Citi’s pre-trade process is managed from its BECS analytic toolkit. BECS has been available since 2005 and offers pre-trade, transaction cost analysis and risk bidding capability to over 1,400 users globally. The bank also has full post-trade analytics capabilities that allow users to define their own benchmarks.

Future plans

In 2012 Citi plans to extend country coverage to various frontier markets, add greater speed and capacity to its existing system in response to a recent growth in volumes and enhance the functionality of BECS. The firm also plans to enhance its ETF capabilities.