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ConvergEx’s real-time, web-based product, PerformEx, allows traders to see up-to-the-second attained costs on the realised portion of their trades as well as opportunity costs calculated with current prices providing an estimate of total execution costs against the most popular of benchmarks.

PerformEx offers in-depth analysis on orders in various formats including bar graphs of executions rendered minute-by-minute and superimposed with market volume and VWAP, pie charts showing execution venues with corresponding light to dark ratios, and broader market correlation graphs that look at relevant sector and index ETF price swings during the trading horizon.

Asset classes and markets

The product provides transaction cost analysis
(TCA) for equities executed using ConvergEx’s algorithmic suite in markets
throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Transaction data

PerformEx processes parent orders, child orders and
execution data generated by ConvergEx’s in-house algorithmic trading engine.


Benchmarks include previous close, trade date open,
arrival price, VWAP, reversion and trade date close.

Reporting options

Customised reports from PerformEx provide
performance numbers in a variety of groupings and formats. Users can receive
reports via email at a specified interval (daily, weekly or monthly).

Consultancy services

ConvergEx often consults with clients as part of
the installation and on-going use of our products and services. Our team
routinely meets with clients to understand their needs and therefore has
significant insight into their trading issues and requirements. Customising
solutions for clients, ConvergEx helps to automate their workflow and meet
their trading objectives.

Pre-trade analysis

Pre-trade analysis summarises key trade
characteristics for optimum execution taking into account market impact and
opportunity costs before forecasting performance against a variety of

Future plans

ConvergEx plans to expand the offering to trades executed in Asian and European markets.