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ConvergEx Group

ConvergEx Group

ConvergEx provides transaction cost analysis through Perform-Ex, a set of trade cost forecasting, performance monitoring and measurement tools. Its components include:

• Pre-trade: reports on cost estimates and trade strategies for single stocks or a basket of stocks.
• Intra-day: Perform-Ex allows the monitoring of real-time performance and executions for all orders routed to ConvergEx algorithms.
• Post-trade: allows for the review of historical trade performance by individual trade or by side, size, market capitalisation, sector and other categories.

Asset classes and markets

ConvergEx offers TCA services for US equities. The firm does not accept third-party files to provide an analysis of the client’s trades.


ConvergEx offers performance measurement relative to arrival price, interval VWAP, full-day VWAP, that day’s close, that day’s open and a 20% participation benchmark.

Reporting options

ConvergEx aims to customise TCA reports, level of detail and the method of delivery to fit the unique needs of each client.

Pre-trade analysis

ConvergEx offers pre-trade analysis that includes cost estimates and trade strategies for a single stock or basket of stocks. The pre-trade tool identifies the lowest cost trading strategy and horizon for a single stock or basket.

Future plans

ConvergEx plans to constantly enhance and improve its TCA services on an ongoing basis.