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Direct Edge

Direct Edge

Direct Edge currently offers its depth of book market data feed for free, as well as touched and matched market share statistics. Direct Edge has no commercial offerings, but plans to expand its information services offering when it makes the transition to exchange status in July to include historical full depth of book data feeds. Once offered, clients will be able to purchase specific exchange data feeds or bundled raw data.

Fee structure

Direct Edge market data is
currently free but plans to
make future information
services available on a
subscription basis.


None at present.

Delivery channels

Clients can receive data
through market data vendors,
financial extranets and via
direct circuit connections to
Direct Edge data centres.


Direct Edge has a dedicated
support team to help all of its
customers’ needs.

Future plans

Direct Edge plans to start
offering several market data
products including historical
data, last sale and top of book
feeds as well as other
exchange data.