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Goldman Sachs FX Trading Services

Goldman Sachs FX Trading Services - REDI Trader

REDI Trader is an electronic trading platform for foreign exchange. 



streaming tiles provide spot and outright prices for over 100 crosses, including
NDFs. Depth of liquidity and an advanced order book are highly popular features;
the platform also offers intuitive order entry and simplified trade confirmations
and settlement. Vanilla and exotic option 
are available with single option or multi-leg structures. Visualisation tools (Sparklines
and Heat) are also offered. Real-time viewpoints from Goldman Sachs
professionals, as well as curated market news, stream into the firm’s Market Blog.

Market coverage

REDI Trader
offers streaming prices over 100+ crosses and commodities including precious
metals, base metals and energies.


Customer support

REDI Trader
is supported 24 hours from Wellington open to New York Friday close.



REDI Trader
is designed to offer maximum flexibility to clients. Customisable 
give clients the ability to select features and data on demand. Custom settings
include execution and order entry speed, order fill notifications and market alerts.
Algorithmic strategies are fully customisable and can be suspended and resumed
at any time.


Future plans

Planned upgrades
include new algorithm order types and methods for smarter and faster execution.
Options will expand to include multi-leg exotics and strips. Goldman Sachs aims
to differentiate its offering with proprietary visualisation and analytical tools
and simplified cross asset navigation.