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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) provides real-time market data feeds and historical data products for all instruments listed on HKEx markets, which include Securities Market Data, Derivatives Market Data and Issuer News. Information vendors’ distribution channels include terminals, PDA, internet, mobile phones, pagers and television.


For real-time market data, HKEx adopts a wholesale
model through its licensed information vendors, charging a fixed licence fee
(redistribution fee and connection fee) as well as subscriber fee. This varies
depending on the service and the number of vendors’ customers.


HKEx ‘s new Orion Market Data (OMD) platform seeks
to provide new and diversified market data feed products, with content, depth
and bandwidth requirements tailored to suit specific business needs from
different types of market participants.


HKEx provides historical and reference data
products, which include stock static data, stock master file, corporate
documents and entitlement records. HKEx will continue to review market
feedbacks and develop new data products and solutions to meet market needs.


HKEx’s OMD platform offers a diversified suite of
data feed products including standard and premium feeds which provide market depth
information of 10 best aggregated price levels; as well as FullTick feeds which
provide tick-by-tick full depth information.



HKEx market data policy accommodates service
facilitators and system vendors to develop solutions for its clients to integrate
market data into trading environment.

Future plans

With OMD, HKEx would provide low-latency market
data for all asset classes traded on HKEx markets. In addition, HKEx plans to
further promote its market data in mainland China and other regions.