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Slyvia MorganEmail: info@indataipm.comTel: +888 454 4060

INDATA’s Intelligent Portfolio Management (iPM) order management system (OMS) provides multi-currency, multi-asset trading capabilities, handles all security types with specliased trading modules for certain asset classes such as for mortgage/asset backed and cash instruments, such as commercial paper, money markets, etc, interest rate swaps and credit default swaps.

Delivery is provided in-house or via cloud and pricing includes first year licence and recurring fee based on modules used and concurrent users. Customer support is offered via a live help desk with access to specific product specialists


The OMS is broker and network-neutral, and handles
automated brokerage and step-out creation, provides real-time blotter analytics
with complete integration of live pricing and analytical data from third party
providers and other execution management functionality including program and
list trading tools, connectivity with established algorithmic trading providers
and dark pools, transaction cost analysis (TCA) and integration with third party
TCA tools.


iPM OMS provides an integrated data management
technology platform that monitors all aspects of the data alerting end users to
data outages, stagnant data and other conditions so as to minimise operational
and compliance risk.


The system links traders with portfolio managers,
executing brokers, compliance and back-office staff in real-time, to reduce
trading errors. It provides a platform and set of technologies that allow end
users to collaborate in real-time.

PM tools

The OMS provides portfolio monitoring and
rebalancing with comprehensive ‘what-if’ analysis, swapping features along with
conditional ‘if/then’ order generation, tools for short strategies, tax lot
trading tools for tax-efficient portfolio management and fully integrated
analytics including risk, attribution and fundamental data.

Future plans

The system is subject to constant enhancements to underlying functionality for all clients.