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Instinet’s execution consulting team combines the Newport 3 EMS with its powerful suite of analytics and visualisation tools designed to guide users through all phases of the trading process. Reviews are provided by a joint team made up of individual client coverage traders and members of Instinet’s Trading Research group, thus combining detailed knowledge of the client’s objectives with detailed knowledge of Instinet’s electronic trading and analysis products.


The team is on the ground in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and
covers all major APAC markets for cash equities


Instinet’s clients have full access to the Instinet
Analytics suite, which is designed to provide value in all aspects of the
execution lifecycle. The suite comprises three main applications: Tradespex,
for assistance in portfolio construction as well as pre-trade risk and cost
modelling; Instinet Indigo, which allows clients to build their own pre-trade
and real-time monitoring dashboards from a growing library of web-based
charting, graphing and mapping widgets; and Insight Posttrade, which provides
an extensive analytical platform for post-trade reviews, including
broker-neutral data upload so execution quality across brokers can be compared
with the knowledge that report benchmark criteria are consistent across all

Research & analytics

Analytics as detailed above are supplemented by
Instinet’s Global Index Advisory, which provides comprehensive coverage of
major global and domestic indices, including regular forecasts for index
rebalances, and analysis on M&A, IPOs, spin-offs and other corporate


The service is highly customised as each of
Instinet’s clients’ needs are different. The consulting team see themselves as
partners to the buy-side trader and the aim is to achieve the most efficient
trading outcome for each client based on their specific requirements.