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Linedata Longview provides extensive portfolio management, compliance and trading capabilities across equities, fixed income, options, FX and futures and 21 swap types including interest rate swaps, total return swaps and credit default swaps.


Linedata provides full FIX support and innovative
trading opportunities using embedded partner algorithms through its Liquidity
Alliance Partner programme and seamless trading integration with over 400
destinations globally through 50 partners accessing alternative trading
systems, dark pools, broker algos and transaction cost analysis through our
Linedata Lynx service.


Linedata Longview supports all the workflows in the
investment lifecycle from order generation to pre-trade compliance through to
trade execution.

PM tools

Portfolio management tools include the portfolio
management dashboard, modeling, rebalancing, asset allocation and cash and
exposure management. The open architecture framework allows more in-depth
analysis of performance (attribution and contribution) and risk (exposure, VAR,
scenario testing) from third party vendors.

Future plans

Linedata will continue to focus on broadening its asset coverage support and workflows; exposure based portfolio management; enhance asset allocation management tools including blended and nested models.