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OptionsCity Software

OptionsCity Software

OptionsCity Software powers the trading, risk management and analytics needs of professional futures and options traders, market-makers and financial institutions worldwide with Metro, its electronic trading and market-making platform, and Freeway, a multi-asset automated trading engine.


OptionsCity offers a multi-asset options and futures
trading solution catering to professional traders and financial institutions

Risk management

Metro offers two risk management tools: The first,
the Risk and Position manager, gives the end user an out of the box risk span
that displays a wide array of variables across user defined underlying
movement. The Risk and Position Manager also provides separate reports for
Greeks, position, and edge.

The second tool, the Risk Command Center (RCC), provides
macro views of portfolio risk, enabling risk managers to view customisable risk
reports across multiple trading groups. The RCC also allows users to view risk
in terms of seasonal groupings, delta ranges, and volatility offsets, as a well
as providing historical trade reports for traders and groups.

Pre-trade services

Freeway Analytics is a simulation platform enabling
traders and developers to quickly build and back-test strategies, discover
opportunities and simulate real-world trading based on sub-millisecond futures
market data. The visualisation engine reveals how strategies and trades will
perform in different market conditions over time.


OptionsCity’s support is available 24-hours through
phone, online chat, and remote services.

Future plans

The company is planning a major product release set
to be revealed in Q4 2014, which will answer the ‘build or buy’ quandary and
revolutionise the way in which users interact with and leverage OptionsCity’s
solution to differentiate themselves and remain competitive.