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RealTick – RealTick EMS

Realtick - Realtick EMS

The RealTick EMS provides advanced trading capabilities across multiple asset classes and through multiple brokers. The firm's broker network exceeds 175 brokers with access to more than 200 algorithms and more than 2,000 strategies.

Clients include both buy-side and sell-side clients (institutions, hedge funds, asset/portfolio managers, professional traders and individua investors) globally, and include some fo the largest, global financial institutions and trading firms.

Sourcing options

RealTick is a fully-hosted software-as-a-service solution requiring no additional hardware on the client side apart from a standard Windows-based PC that meets minimum system requirements.

Counterparty connectivity

RealTick offers broad access to diverse, global sources of liquidity, with an extensive broker network enabling cross-asset trading.

RealTick EMS includes built-in order management system (OMS) capabilities and can be integrated with many third-party OMS systems including Eze OMS, a ConvergEx Group member company. The EMS leverages FIX’s ATDL protocol, which enables the rapid deployment of new broker products on a timely basis.

Asset classes

RealTick supports trading of equities, options, futures, options on futures, FX, and fixed income. Supported order types include single orders, list, pairs and spreads (including synthetics), bracket and conditional orders.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

The EMS has built-in intra-trade analytics tools and integrates with Abel Noser Solutions’ pre- and post-trade transaction costs analysis software.

Future plans

RealTick has recently expanded its capabilities in derivatives, options and futures. The firm has also released a fully re-designed futures form that consolidates essential contract data, price ladder, and futures-specific order entry tools.