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Royal Bank Of Scotland – RBS Agile

Royal Bank Of Scotland – RBS Agile

Key functionality

RBS Agile is a execution engine that combines the
ability to carry out complex risk management tasks, such as managing option
deltas down to expiry, with hedging algorithms and deep market liquidity.

Services include standard and bespoke order execution algorithms,
risk management of multi-currency balances and delta management for derivatives
portfolios. Agile includes a range of algorithms enabling various levels of
passive and aggressive execution. In addition, it enables the delivery of
bespoke strategies to users which allows almost unlimited flexibility in style
of execution

Agile also helps automate the process of both long and
short gamma position management. Users can capture market movements and
opportunities that a traditionally manual approach to trading may miss. Since
RBS Agile continuously operates during global FX market hours, it reduces the
need for 24-hour staffing or complex sets of overnight orders. RBS Agile can
also operate based on the intraday gamma on the day of options’ expirations,
allowing automated real-time management of specific strike risks up to the very
moment of expiration.

Market coverage

Agile can run execution and gamma trading
algorithms on over 100 direct rates and crosses, including liquid local market

Customer support

With 24×5.5 global coverage, RBS support staff are
at hand to offer assistance with any setup or execution enquiries.


RBS Agile allows users to customise their own
execution strategies, tailored to their own particular requirements.

Future plans

Developments planned for the next 12 months, include:
further integration with third-party distribution; futures trading
capabilities; post-trade analytics for client transaction cost analysis and;
bespoke algorithms for certain clients.