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The order management system (OMS) behind RTS Trading Applications allows users to build, implement, monitor and manage a multitude of multi-asset strategies on multiple exchanges, from a single application. RTS offers a variety of features with the OMS system, including risk management, P&L management, audit logs and drop copy reporting.

RTS trading platforms powered by RTS OMS offers click and algorithmic trading as well as connectivity to several FIX Gateways. The RTS click trading solution allows traders to manage trades and strategy workflows with various predefined views, and easily interact and link between views with simple drag and drop features.


RTS OMS can be combined with any third-party
application as well as RTS trading applications: RTD Trader, RTD Tango and RTD
Tango Trader. Users will have access to ultra low-latency architecture with
connectivity to over 135 exchanges across different asset classes.


The OMS is
capable of sending thousands of messages in a given time period while
simultaneously processing market data and other statistics that are required to
support trading activities. In addition, users have the ability to send unique
strategies to a specific exchange.


The OMS supports workflows through all aspects of
the trading life cycle, such as drop copies, executions reports, and risk
management. It offers risk and positions trading with a powers limit allowing
users to keep track of P&L.

PM tools

Portfolio managers are also able to build-up on previously mentioned
statistics and request other information directly from the OMS

Future plans

RTS has continuous plans to grow the global trading network, exchange connectivity and trading solutions offering. RTS has recently started to add new asset classes such as FX, NDFs and spot commodities.