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Sanford Bernstein

Sanford Bernstein

Service overview

Bernstein offers equity trading in 47 countries and provides a unique 
offering in 37 countries. Bernstein’s un-conflicted approach to its business
allows the firm to provide an unbiased analytical view on market events,
regulation, trading strategy and risk.


Research and analytics

offers post-trade analytics, trading style and algo fit analysis, execution venue
performance and reversion stats, in addition to custom analytics requests.

The company
analyses market liquidity events and assists with all aspects of 
construction and implementation.

trading analytics tools are designed to provide transparency on execution quality
and help the company to advise on the most suitable trading strategy and level
of aggression. Bernstein offers pre- and post-trade analytics as well as live
intra trade analytics that can be accessed over the internet. Analytics are customisable
to incorporate a range of benchmarks and visuals.

The company
assists with risk analytics, portfolio construction, trade calculation and
market events. The Bernstein Cube is a standalone portfolio construction and
risk analytics system that integrates Bernstein’s fundamental single stock 
and quantitative research.


can include the development of a unique algorithm tailored to the client’s
recommended style of trading, optimal venue selection, restyling trading front ends
and development of custom automated alerts.

Client support

The company
offers access to real-time support by way of active trading coverage by staff
knowledgeable in both trading, trading strategy and technology.
Bernstein’s execution consulting services team works closely with all its touch
points into a client.

team is active in the broader electronic sales and trading community 
participation in industry conferences, published reports, notes in industry
journals and collaboration on industry initiatives.