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Société Générale

Société Générale

Société Générale (SG) offers one dedicated PT team across Asia, Europe and the US, all linked by one execution platform for global coverage. Asia coverage includes local presence in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and India, along with execution platform covering 22 trading venues. Asia Pacific is the firm’s fastest growing region, bolstered by a strategic research partnership with Ji Asia which covers 350 Asia stocks. SG offers execution access to over 50+ markets (all MSCI developed and emerging markets + six frontier), covering 98% of global equity market capitalisation.

Liquidity access

SG has 5.8% overall market share across Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

Client coverage

The firm deals with a wide range of institutional clients: index funds, macro/quant funds, long-only, hedge funds and transition managers.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

SG offers pre- and post-trade analysis on market impact, liquidity, corporate action, and performance across sector and country breakdown, along with detailed analysis on individual stock level. Postexecution reporting is through FIX connectivity, along with customised reporting to satisfy each client’s needs. In addition, the firm provides a variety of standard and custom analytics to support the overall execution consultancy process.

Future plans

Société Générale plans to extend its execution reach to more frontier markets, increasing its market share.