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Société Générale FX Trading Services

Société Générale FX Trading Services

Société Générale Foreign Exchange provides coverage across G10 and emerging currencies across all products spot, forward, swap, NDF and options (vanilla, semi exotic and exotic up to 10 years).


With its
24-hour trading services, Société Générale also offers electronic trading 
execution capacity with pre- and post-trade integrated processes and transaction
cost analysis. The firm also cites its e-trading capacity on G10 and EM spot, leveraging
quantitative capacity to increase internalisation and pricing capabilities,
as its differentiating factors.

Market coverage

Générale has worldwide coverage and a strong presence in EMEA with 
a global
platform where clients are serviced around the clock with global trading books,
where possible, to centralise risk-taking and optimise risk management. SG provides
coverage of all major currencies, emerging currencies, crosses and frontier
currencies. The firm provides trading capabilities on frontier currencies that
are illiquid, restrictive or thinly traded, with delivery capacity, including more
than 100 currencies from the Angolan Kwanza to Zambia’s Kwacha.


Customer support

Genérale’s corporate expertise is pushed hard to financial institutions (banks,
real money, hedge funds and supra) around the world. Société Générale relies on
a strong presence in Europe with its retail network in France and in Eastern
Europe (retail, financial services, corporate and investment banking).



Générale offers strong global research that capitalises on its specific 
expertise both on technical and analytical skills leading to pertinent trade ideas
and analysis. Société Générale assists and follows its clients on their specific
issues with a dedicated team providing risk advisory, tailor made and innovating
solutions with strong added value.


Future plans

The company
plans to focus on innovating execution methods and more 
market algo trading development.