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State Street Global Exchange

State Street Global Exchange

Jake ElkinsEmail: jelkins@statestreet.comTel: +1 917 790 4608

State Street Global Exchange offers an independent trade cost analysis capability that compares trade-related expenses for global and US equity, fixed income and foreign exchange securities against a broad universe of trades across 47 countries and includes the service offerings by Elkins/McSherry. The firm monitors the price of trade executions with clients’ counterparties to help reduce trading costs and meet best execution and fiduciary guidelines or obligations.

All asset classes are covered including US and global equities, granular analysis of US venues, US and global fixed income, and all types of FX trading from 47 markets. State Street accepts data from FIX networks, all popular order and execution management systems, custodians and in-house trading systems, from broker/dealers, investment managers, hedge funds and asset owners.


All standard benchmarks are supported, including
VWAPs (day, interval, market participation, available), MOC, MOO,
implementation shortfall and broker arrival. Several proprietary metrics are
also available.

Reporting & consultancy

State Street Global Exchange provides periodic, in-person analysis with
clients, throughout the US and Europe.

Pre-trade analysis

Statistical pre-trade models are available within
post-trade reports.

Future plans

State Street Global Exchange’s Venue Analysis
product is an advanced and pioneering solution designed to specifically address
challenges on monitoring trading efficacy and analysing trade optimisation
through assessing trading venues, utilising FIX data. The product provides T+1
reports with relevant metrics such as toxicity, hit rate and overall market
impact. Venue Analysis is designed to help clients evaluate trade routing
strategy and its efficiency through examining and comparing the principal trade
distribution across the available venues relative to peer trades.