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Turquoise allows the trading of shares on two complementary order books. Turquoise Integrated Lit is a lit orderbook featuring price priority and includes hidden orders. Turquoise Midpoint Dark matches orders pegged to the midpoint of the primary market best bid and offer of the respective European exchange.

Members include global banks and brokers, institutions with a local regional and sector focus, retail intermediaries and specialist

Functionality and order types

Turquoise offer persistent order types, including
midpoint peg orders, limit orders and market orders. Non-persistent order types
include immediate or Cancel and fill or kill.

Access and participation

Turquoise offers open access to all firms
satisfying public objective membership criteria.

Instruments traded

The pool’s connection to Turquoise allows access to
trading shares with primary listings from 18 European countries plus more
through international depositary receipts. Turquoise is considering names from
Czech Republic and Hungary for dark midpoint matching to complement
availability for trading in the Turquoise Integrated Lit orderbook.

Order protection

Turquoise deploys Exchange level surveillance and
maintains a fair and orderly market.

Future developments

The pool continues to listen, innovate, and
implement initiatives in response to customer demand.