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UBS Fusion is a web-based platform designed for institutional traders that provides historical and real-time TCA, trading execution alerts and strategy performance reporting, as well as access to other pre- and post-trading intelligence, and commission management related information.
Real-time TCA in Fusion was created to be a more meaningful resource intraday, in order to provide value as a trader is managing live orders.
In addition to real-time TCA, Fusion also includes:
-Pre-trade transaction cost analysis for portfolio and single stock trading
-Automated, customisable trading alerts
-Post-trade end of day reports
-In-depth analysis by symbol, strategy and venue
-UBS PIN liquidity reports

Asset classes and markets

UBS Fusion covers equities and ETF orders, and is available for all markets in which UBS offers algorithmic trading and direct market access across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.


UBS Fusion offers a range of benchmarks to analyse an orders’ performance including: arrival price, VWAP, previous close, today’s open, today’s close and a variety of reversion benchmarks that measure market prices after the order is completed.

Reporting options

Clients may choose to review trade data and create reports online historically or in real time – or have reports emailed to them in both Excel and PDF form. Reports include all the information available via Fusion online, including crossing and volume statistics, order performance versus a range of benchmarks, as well as breakdowns by liquidity, market cap and execution venue.

Consultancy services

UBS has an analytics team that conducts in-depth market analysis on an ongoing basis and is also available to perform customised TCA reports for individual clients.

Pre-trade analysis

UBS Fusion includes pretrade analytics for both single stock and portfolio orders. Metrics measuring expected market impact, as well as risk and liquidity analysis are provided.

Future plans

Over the next 12 months, UBS plans to make Fusion more flexible, adding functionality to allow clients to upload trade data from orders executed away from UBS, using Fusion to analyse performance across all their brokers. For portfolio traders, UBS will be enhancing its ability to integrate information pre-, post- and real-time, and to introduce a post-trade analysis tool to look at market and order evolution and interaction on a strategy aggregated level.