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Ullink — UL TRADER

Ullink — UL TRADER

UL TRADER is Ullink’s fully customisable execution management system (EMS) that is used by the buy-side, wealth management and broker dealers. The multi-asset class system enables traders to manage multiple books and is compatible with all algorithms.


Asia represents 15% of Ullink’s global revenue,
with the majority of clients in the region comprising brokers or global banks.

Connectivity and functionality

Ullink provides market connectivity to all major
exchanges in Asia and uses multiple data centres in Hong Kong, Tokyo and
Singapore, enabling it to offer a managed services solution.

UL TRADER has been designed to easily adapt to Asian
regulation and markets, with particular order types – i.e. amalgamate and
contra are defined in the EMS.

UL TRADER is FIX ATDL compliant and can load an XML file
to process algo orders.

Sourcing options

UL TRADER offers a variety of sourcing options
comprising: enterprise; software as a service, or a hybrid version whereby the
client hosts the platform and Ullink remotely manages it.

Pre- and post-trade analytics

Ullink’s EMS offers benchmarks on a pre- and
post-trade basis to compare execution performance against the wider market.

Future plans

Ullink plans to add a wider range of pre- and post-trade analytics and market making functionality in the future.