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Wells Fargo Securities

Wells Fargo Securities

Email: Eduardo.Gonzales@wellsfargo.comTel: +1 212 214 6180

Service overview

Wells Fargo Securities, the WATS electronic trading team turns low-touch
trading into high-touch service. The team members actively engage clients on
market colour, strategy selection and aggression levels. The firm customises
its execution consulting for every trader’s needs and individual trading style.


Research and analytics

Fargo Securities is a full service broker-dealer. WATS electronic trading
provides access to equity trading, research, corporate access and the capital
markets division. The firm’s analysis and economists collaborate across the
capital structure to bring customers a holistic view of the opportunities abd
risks embedded into each of its investment recommendations. Wells Fargo also
hosts frequent client conferences to discuss company/sector dynamics, as well
as the overall outlook for the economy.

electronic trading sends out daily execution reports and offers a secure
web-based product, WATS Trade Color, where clients can monitor executions in
real-time for full transparency.



Wells Fargo algorithmic suite is customisable and the company works closely
with traders and portfolio managers to understand the urgency and alpha of
every firm. Wells Fargo believes ‘out of the box’ algorithms are not useful for
every trader, so it adjusts each strategy to work for the individual trader.


Client support

electronic trading technology support sits on the desk with trading and sales
to provide seamless support. Wells Fargo works very closely with the various
order management and execution management system providers to ensure a smooth
0n-boarding process. Since all of the WATS electronic trading algorithms access
displayed and non-displayed liquidity, the firm is in constant dialogue with
broker dealers, discussing execution quality, latency and available liquidity.