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Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Through the Wells Fargo hosted platform the company currently offers several strategies. Komodo, which is a stealthy participation strategy to minimise information leakage. Jackhammer, an adaptive peg strategy that posts out loud. Hanzo VWAP and Hanzo TWAP, which minimise slippage to the VWAP and TWAP respectively and Volume Participation, which targets a percentage of the executed volume.

Through its ASP hosted system Wells Fargo intends to offer the following range of algorithms and advanced order types, including VWAP, TWAP, POV, time slice, synthetic stops, contingent order types and more.

Wells Fargo Securities’ WATS Futures 2013 offering is slated to include a range of futures algorithms across multiple platforms. 


Wells Fargo Algos will be available 24 hours a day,
across all supported markets. This will allow traders to select from a variety
of different execution styles, from passive through aggressive, thus altering
the parameters on the individual algorithms. With the ASP algorithms, traders
will be able to choose the duration of the underlying curve that is used for
the algorithm control, or allow the system to auto select a curve based on
correlation to trading activity in the current session.

Support services

The firm will help clients customise the parameters
of any algorithm to best suit their execution needs. It works with all
customers, whether new or experienced algorithmic participants, to ensure they
understand the trade flow process and which algorithms are best suited for
different execution strategies.

Access routes

Wells Fargo algorithms are designed to be available
through multiple trading GUIs or directly via a FIX interface.


Over the next 12 months it intends to expand the
range of algorithms offered, and the amount of analytics that can be provided
to clients.