iFOREX adds a wider range of non-leveraged instruments to its trading platform

The financial broker has expanded the reach of its financial products - which include a variety of shares and cryptocurrencies - to cater to its Latin American market.

Global financial broker iFOREX has expanded the offering of trading instruments on its contracts for difference (CFD) platform to include an increased range of non-leveraged stock derivatives.

The new selection of non-leverage financial products, initially launched in specific markets, is now available to traders in iFOREX’s Latin American market and will include a variety of shares and cryptocurrencies.

Non-leveraged instruments are executed at a 1:1 ration (margin:deal size) and are intended to provide wider opportunities to traders with long-term investments goals.

This is done by reducing market exposure and portfolio risk, as well as exempting clients from overnight financing fees on long positions – allowing the amount of time traders can hold onto instruments without incurring maintenance or holding fees to be maximised.

As a result, non-leveraged instruments are suited for traders with a large volume as well as medium-small traders who are more enticed by lower-risk investments.

“This expanded selection of non-leveraged stock derivatives provides an even more level trading field for traders of all degrees of experience, while equipping them with more potential opportunities to achieve their long-term investment goals,” said a spokesperson for the operator of iFOREX’s website.

“As a broker focused on providing clients with exemplary trading conditions as well as access to education, we believe clients both old and new will be able to take advantage of the impressive range of non-leveraged instruments on offer, in addition to our already broad and diverse selection of tradeable CFD instruments and forex pairs.”