IHS Markit and Tokyo Stock Exchange to offer exclusive short selling dataset

The partnership between IHS Markit and the Tokyo Stock Exchange will offer participants access to a short selling and stock loan dataset.

Data and analytics provider IHS Markit and Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) have partnered to offer participants mutually exclusive access to a short-selling and stock loan dataset.

The new dataset will provide clients with five years of historical data across 3,700 Japanese yen-denominated (JPY) equities, including daily breakdowns of trading volume and trading value data for all TSE-listed stocks.

“We are excited to be working with and developing market data solutions with IHS Markit. We think the combination of our exchange short data with IHS Markit’s stock loan provides a unique view of Japan’s equity market for investors and encourages their investment.”

The TSE dataset includes fragmented data extracted from daily trading value and volumes of TSE-listed issues based on flags for margin transactions and short selling that are attached to orders at the time of placement, TSE added.

“Our collaboration with TSE creates the industry’s first dataset for analysing short selling in tandem with securities finance flows, inventory, and loan activity,” said IHS Markit managing director and global head of securities finance, Paul Wilson.

“We believe this dataset is essential for anyone trading in Japan and looking to increase their alternative data and fundamental analysis factors. With more than 100 data fields, the analytics toolset introduces the first holistic view on Japanese securities finance, delivering a higher information ratio for both long and short portfolio construction.”

Earlier this month, IHS Markit confirmed that it would be partnering with the fixed income market data provider BondCliQ to embed US corporate bond pricing data with its investment management platform, thinkFolio.

The partnership will see IHS Markit’s thinkFolio clients gain click-to-view, consolidated, and pre-trade institutional bond quote data from 34 dealers, as well as post-trade and normalised TRACE data.