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Technology provider Linedata has teamed up with a post-trade solutions provider to bolster their post-trade offering to the buy-side.

Linedata partnership expands post-trade offering

Technology provider Linedata has teamed up with a post-trade solutions provider to bolster their post-trade offering to the buy-side.

The partnership with FIX protocol based post-trade software specialist Alpha Omega means its FIXAffirm service will be integrated with Linedata Longview.

FIXAffirm will enable Longview users to achieve straight-through processing between the front, middle and back offices.

It also directly connects counterparties though established FIX networks, enabling errors to be corrected immediately and for trades to be confirmed on trade date.

Kamal Duggirala, CEO of Alpha Omega, said the deal was an "opportunity to provide integrated trading and post-trade solutions for investment managers globally using advanced FIX based technology."

Linedata said the partnership is part of its efforts to expand the solutions available to its clients in the post-trade space.

SunGard to provide lending data for Olivetree

Olivetree Financial Group, an evidence-based finance specialist, is to use SunGard Astec Analytics to provide faster and more comprehensive securities lending data.

The move will help users of Olivetree's OTAS platform to make trade timing decisions and other benefits.

Users of OTAS will be able to use Astec to access securities lending data more quickly than before and will align the short interest indicator with other market metrics monitored by the platform.

As a result of the increased speed, clients will be able to make better trade timing decisions, be alerted to liquidity risks and access cost-of-carry metrics.

Charlotte Wall, group managing director of Olivetree, said: "The speed of delivery and the breadth and depth of the data provided by SunGard's Astec Analytics, as well as their understanding of our business, were key decision factors when selecting them as a securities lending data provider.

"Data from Astec Analytics has allowed us to offer our clients a competitive trading advantage by providing an early, data-driven indication of market sentiment, helping them to make smarter trading decisions."

OTAS users will be able to access current and historic lending data from 33,000 equity and fixed income securities through Astec Analytics.

ConvergEx adds real-time TCA services

Trade services provider ConvergEx is improving its transaction cost analysis (TCA) offering with real-time, intra-day reporting.

PerformEx, the firm's TCA product, will offer tools to view and analyse almost every aspect of a trade's life cycle as it happens.

"Highly detailed, real-time trading information will give our customers a critical edge in today's ever-changing and fast moving markets," said Douglas M Nelson, CEO of ConvergEx Prime Services.

PerformEx includes a range of customisable analytics and gives as many order details as a trader is likely to need, according to ConvergEx.

It said understanding where orders are routed and how each order is being filled will enable its clients to make real-time adjustments to their orders which could improve their execution performance.

CameronTec buys E2E to expand professional services

Trade infrastructure specialist CameronTec has acquired E2E infotech to expand its business into professional and managed services.

E2E provides professional and managed services, as well as bespoke and standard implementations of connectivity and trading infrastructure. CameronTec said the acquisition fits well with its existing connectivity and trading business and will enable it to better serve its customers' interests.

The E2E product range includes off-the-shelf interfacing for front, middle and back office, market connectivity for emerging markets and business adaptors to couple with CameronTec's solutions.

Vaibhav Shukla, CEO of E2E infotech, said: "The expertise and products E2E brings to CameronTec will provide the tools necessary to complement CameronTec's FIX-based trading environments, including professional services, strategic consulting and custom development."

As well as the product range, CameronTec will also assume control of E2E's commercial agreements covering customers in the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

E2E was founded in 2001 by UniCredit, UBM and Orc Software and was acquired by aurionPro Solutions in 2007. aurionPro, which provides software for banking, capital markets, consulting and outsourcing, says the sale will enable it to focus on its core business objectives.

Orc hires Jensen to lead global expansion

Orc Group has hired Troels Philip Jensen as chief operating officer in order to achieve the firm's strategic and growth objectives globally.

Jensen has held senior positions in several business units within SimCorp since 1995, most recently as managing director in Benelux and president in France.

He will join technology provider Orc's executive management on 1 September, and takes over from Matteo Carcano, who leaves the company in August.

"With more than 15 years in the financial services industry, and with his experience in building and leading businesses including all commercial aspects, sales, consulting services and marketing, Troels is ideally suited to address our immediate operational needs as well as our strategic plans for growth," said Orc CEO Torben Munch.

Jensen's experience in building relationships and servicing large financial institutions will be used to grow Orc's business globally.