Liquidnet chases new buy-side tech with innovation hub

Liquidnet Labs encourages buy-siders to submit ideas for new technology to go into production.

Liquidnet has announced the launch of ‘Liquidnet Labs’ to showcase the latest buy-side trading technology and developments.

The labs will also provide Liquidnet’s clients with a sneak-peek into the firm’s latest innovations and product pipeline.

Attendees of the Institutional Trading Summit in Nashville in November previewed the virtual labs and were able to explore new features in various stages of Liquidnet’s research and development process.

Technology showcased at the event included mobile technology, enhanced trading functionality, commission management automation tools and advanced data analysis.

Liquidnet Labs is now available to all members and the firm has encouraged traders to submit new ideas to go into production.

Founder and CEO of Liquidnet, Seth Merrin, explained the current trading environment means buy-side traders will need a “new class of tools and technology to help fill the void created by the declining sell-side.”

“Liquidnet Labs will be a critical component of how we source ideas for, vet and roll-out Virtual High Touch features designed to help our members deliver even more value and performance to their funds and their firms,” he added.

Earlier this month, Liquidnet announced the launch of the Virtual High Touch system - a new buy-side technology that incorporates data analysis, learning algorithms, liquidity search tools and real- time analytics.