Liquidnet launches Virtual High Touch for buy-side

Virtual High Touch service uses analytics, algorithms and liquidity search tools.

Liquidnet has announced the launch of a new buy-side technology that incorporates data analysis, learning algorithms, liquidity search tools and real- time analytics.

The Virtual High Touch system has been specifically designed to shift power from the sell-side to the buy-side, Liquidnet said.

To support the launch, its Algo Ranking Model has been updated with real-time course correction to help traders make decisions around algorithmic trading.

Liquidnet’s Algo Ranking Model provides traders with profiles of an order according to the trader’s objectives. It can also make recommendations on algorithms.

The Algo Ranking Model is currently available in the US, although Liquidnet said it plans to roll-out the service globally in 2017.

Founder and chief executive officer of Liquidnet, Seth Merrin, said Virtual High Touch aims to fill the void created from declining services from sell-side providers.

“Liquidnet is continuously working on ways to help traders enhance their decision making and deliver even more value and performance to their funds and their firms,” he said.

Rob Laible, global head of execution and quantitative services at Liquidnet, added that buy-side traders ‘armed’ with Virtual High Touch have the potential to be key contributors to institutional performance.

“Virtual High Touch is about empowering them to not only become more self-sufficient in achieving best execution, but also demonstrate the alpha they are capturing for their firms,” he said.