McKay Brothers launches transpacific market data and private bandwidth services

The new ultra-low latency services will create connections between the largest exchanges in Illinois and Asia.

McKay Brothers’ MBI team has launched low latency market services between Illinois’ largest futures exchanges and key Asian trading centres in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In addition, MBI has launched transpacific private bandwidth services, which it claims to be faster than any known alternative.

MBI’s Quincy Extreme Data (QED) platform is a normalised market data feed of select instruments from financial exchanges and with this latest service, QED’s US-sourced data will be redistributed in Tokyo-CC2, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Tokyo-sourced data is redistributed in Aurora, IL, Singapore and Hong Kong, all of which MBI claims to be redistributed at the lowest known latency.

“We are thrilled to redistribute key instruments from CME, ICE, and JPX at the lowest known latency between Asian and US exchanges,” said Francois Tyc, managing director at MBI.

“In addition to our latency being differentiated, both our private bandwidth and market data services are provided on a level playing field for all subscribers.” 

Earlier this year, McKay Brothers-powered Quincy Data incorporated MEMX market data into its New Jersey Metro Quincy Raw Data (QRD) service.

US equity trading hubs in Mahwah and Carteret, New Jersey will be able to access the data via Quincy Data’s raw data service.