Quincy Data to redistribute low latency MEMX market data

US equity trading hubs in Mahwah and Carteret, New Jersey will be able to access the data via Quincy Data’s raw data service.

McKay Brothers-powered Quincy Data has incorporated MEMX market data into its New Jersey Metro Quincy Raw Data (QRD) service.

QRD is being used to distribute MEMX data at the lowest latency to major US equity trading hubs in Mahwah and Carteret, New Jersey.

The QRD service was originally launched in 2019 and since then, it has been taken on board by banks, hedge funds and market-markets, notably levelling out the playing field for ultra-low latency equity exchange market data.

“MEMX has attracted meaningful trade volume in a very short period,” said Jim Considine, chief operating officer of Quincy Data.

“We are excited to add MEMX data to the QRD service and are pleased to offer it at the lowest latency in Mahwah and Carteret.”

Ten major US equity exchanges’ market data feeds are offered by Quincy Data’s NJ Metro raw data services. In addition, stock and ETF market data in native exchange formats are provided by QRD.

Earlier this month, MEMX introduced fees for its real-time equities market data. The proposition of a $0.01 blanket fee for both professional and non-professional users, subject to approval from the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), aims to provide a less expensive service compared to other equities exchange operators.