IWD – Lucienne Lao, trader, Boussard & Gavaudan

Lao is refreshingly honest about the turbulence of 2022, and highlights the importance of preparation in order to manage risk.

“The step into 2022 has been quite harsh. Nobody could have imagined that instead of stepping out of Covid and back to normal life, we would jump straight into another risk event, with the worst conflict in Europe since World War II. So it’s been quite challenging, and I have no idea how 2022 is going to end up!”

She also explores the interplay between asset classes, with information on external influences crucial to understanding their impact on equity portfolios.

“After Covid we were ready for anything. We were all prepared for the worst. So it’s about staying alert and staying on top of things. And it’s not just about equities anymore – even if you are only trading equities day to day, it’s still important to understand what’s happening in other asset classes, how they are moving, and how this might impact your own portfolio in the equities market.”

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