NYSE Technologies, Fidessa, RTS, Atrium and more…

NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology division of exchange group NYSE Euronext, is to launch its cloud platform, the Capital Markets Community Platform, on 1 July.
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NYSE Technologies unveils cloud offering

NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology division of exchange group NYSE Euronext, is to launch its cloud platform, the Capital Markets Community Platform, on 1 July.

The platform was developed in partnership with cloud computing specialist firm VMware and is designed to increase business agility, simplify market access and reduce trading friction by utilising on-demand computing resources.

The Capital Markets Community Platform will offer cloud-based services that will enable users to purchase the computing power they need at a given time, removing the need to maintain complex IT infrastructure.

The platform provides access to the entire NYSE Technologies portfolio of low-latency services including Superfeed, the Risk Management Gateway and Managed Services Hub, and the global Liquidity Centre Network.

The cloud platform is currently in testing with customers.

RTS & Patsystems offer risk management

Trading technology providers RTS Realtime Systems Group and Patsystems have separately introduced two risk management offerings, both designed to support risk management for derivatives trading.

RTS's RTD GUARD product is a fully hosted solution operating on an open FIX-based connectivity model. It enables market participants to integrate the offering with other systems and manage risk across asset classes on 130 exchange venues globally.

RTD GUARD has been developed to help firms comply with new pre- and post-trade risk controls regulations emerging in the US as part of the Dodd-Frank Act and in Europe under MiFID II.

A key feature of the system is the ability to deploy multiple layers of risk control at the exchange connectivity level, the network level and the client access level. The global order book control applies to front-end trading platforms and algorithmic trading engines.

Meanwhile, Patsystems has released improvements to its risk management product, Risk Informer, which is designed to provide a comprehensive view across and institutions' entire trading portfolio. It calculates margin and P&L in real-time and manages risk for products such as exchange-traded derivatives, equities, FX and credit default swaps.

The new features include ”what-if' scenario analysis, theoretical options pricing and support for Greeks, futures prices derived from spreads, offsetting between currency futures and FX, and product offsetting override.

Atrium builds up European network

Trading connectivity provider Atrium Network has scaled up its European multicast infrastructure.

The firm has opened a new point of presence in London, extending its low-latency capability within data centre provider Equinix's LD3 Park Royal data centre. Atrium has already carried out improvements to its North American infrastructure throughout 2010.

The decision has been motivated by an increase in demand from market participants based in Europe for North American market data, as well as rising market volumes and market data rates in Europe.

“As we continue to see considerable growth in market data feeds – and an increase in the speed with which these feeds are delivered – it puts more pressure on data feeds,” said Emmanuel Carjat, CEO of Atrium Network.

Stellar offers hosted low-latency connectivity

Stellar Trading Systems, a UK-based provider of futures, options, equities and treasuries trading capabilities, has launched a hosting service for low-latency market access and proximity hosting of its trading systems.

With hubs in London, Chicago, New Jersey and Frankfurt, Stellar aims to provide customers with a fully-managed trading infrastructure built for speed and reliability. Stellar Hosting Services offers ASP and hosting solutions that allow trading firms to deploy Stellar's trading applications.

Stellar technicians work to minimise latency and improve execution by managing all aspects of the trading infrastructure from network administration and monitoring to hardware procurement and configuration, connectivity and user support.

“Stellar Hosting Services allows our customers to implement a Stellar trading infrastructure with a reduced time to market, lower costs and reduced operational risk on a fully outsourced basis,” commented Steve Thomas, managing director of Stellar Trading Systems.

Fidessa adds analytics to US trading platform

Technology provider Fidessa has launched execution cost analysis (ECA) functionality on its US trading platform. The new feature brings additional real-time analytics to the user desktop enabling US brokers to improve their execution strategies.

Fidessa's ECA solution consists of a cost-tracking engine that provides traders with real-time analysis of the exact costs of executing each order without affecting execution performance. It calculates, categorises and aggregates spending per trader by share and venue, and also tracks from the profit margins for each client.

ECA is intended to give traders real-time, actionable information on the impact of their decisions regarding trading destinations and counterparties, and enables them to take control of their venue execution costs.

Using ECA, brokers can identify sources of profit and loss – for example, whether an aggressive approach has proven profitable, whether the illiquid nature of a given stock justifies its execution costs, which venues are the most costly and what percentage of a buy-side commission is lost to execution costs.

Linedata improves portfolio management offering

Technology provider Linedata has released the latest version of Linedata Beauchamp, its hedge fund portfolio management system. Linedata Beauchamp Sigma features a new front-end for hedge funds to allow them to manage the increasing complexity of their business and act on key data faster.

The offering allows hedge fund managers to create flexible workspaces that enable them to manage workflows according to the information they need.

“Hedge funds face pressure from regulators to demonstrate transparency and operation best practices,” said Mike de Verteuil, group business development director at Linedata. “Our innovations have focused on supporting the differentiation Linedata's hedge fund clients require while meeting regulatory requirements.”

Linedata Beauchamp is used by over 275 fund managers globally. Headquartered in France, Linedata is dedicated to the investment management and credit community, and has 700 clients operating in 50 countries.