Plato partners with data platform for market structure research

Access to rich data set will enable academics to begin researching market structure solutions.

Plato Partnership is to team up with BMLL Technologies to provide its academic research arm with access to industry data.

BMLL’s data platform provides standardised, historical, granular limit order book data for global trading venues.

Plato said it will enter into a partnership with BMLL that will provide researchers from the European Market Structure Research Network with access to its data sets. This will enable them to conduct research on unique problems in market structure. It hopes access to the data set will be a major incentive for top academics to join the operation.

Research conducting using the data will eventually form the foundation of conferences and industry roundtables to identify and promote appropriate market structure.

Nej Djelal, co-chair of Plato Partnership, said: “The access to the BMLL platform for exchange and venue historical order book data will be a huge benefit to the academics Plato is working in partnership with, and will provide important insights into how to tackle many of the key data challenges firms are anticipating with the introduction of MiFID II.”