R.J O’Brien appoints strategy chief in new role

US futures broker R.J O’Brien has hired industry veteran Stephen Brodsky as chief strategy officer in a newly created role.

US futures broker and clearing house R.J O’Brien has appointed Stephen Brodsky as chief strategy officer in a newly-created role.

Exchange, trading and capital markets industry veteran  Brodsky recently joined the firm after serving as chief executive of equity options trading firm Spot Trading for the past five years.

He has also held several senior roles at the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) after joining the exchange operator in 2003.

Brodsky was formerly senior vice president for strategic planning at CHX and was instrumental in the demutualisation and capital-raising initiative, after which he became president and CFO of the newly formed parent company CHX Holdings.

“[Brodsky] has made his mark with a diverse career and extensive markets, strategy, finance and leadership experience,” said R.J O’Brien’s CEO, Gerald Corcoran.

“It’s rare to find someone with such a powerful combination of hands-on markets and trading experience and capital markets as well as strategic expertise. We’re fortunate to be able to harness his background, skills and talent on behalf of RJO, as he leads our strategic growth initiatives across all areas of the firm.”

Brodsky added that he had the chance to work alongside Corcoran in the early days of his investment banking career, and has always appreciated how the futures broker seizes opportunities and weathers industry events.

“I’m truly excited to embark on this next stage of my career and to have an impact on the organisation going forward as we identify new areas of potential pursuit, analyse the evolving competitive landscape and meet ever-new challenges that face the futures industry,” Brodsky added.