Technical glitch causes 3-hour trading halt at Euronext

Euronext closed derivatives trading this morning, following a technical issue.

Euronext experienced major disruption this morning, following a technical glitch which halted all derivatives trading for over 3 hours.

At 7.16am - Central European time - on 1 August, Euronext updated its market status explaining a “potential technical issue” had occurred, and that an investigation was underway.

The exchange then proceeded to halt all derivatives products trading just before 9.00am with all orders - other than good till’ cancelled (GTC) – removed from the market.

Members of Euronext were advised to check their orders, as the trading halt continued for another 2 hours.

As of 11.46am, the exchange confirmed trading had started up again, and that “all earlier issues impacting the derivatives products have been solved.”

Some members are currently still experiencing connectivity issues and Euronext is continuing to investigate the issue.