Thomson Reuters launches fixed income price evaluation tool

Price evaluation tool launched in response to Dodd-frank reporting requirements.

Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of a price evaluation tool aimed at improving reporting requirements, providing fair value measurement and addressing complex valuations.

The Thomson Reuters Pricing Service Evaluation Score (TRPS Score) was developed in response to Dodd-Frank rules that increasingly emphasise the importance of pricing transparency.

Market participants must know how evaluated prices used to value portfolios and measure risk are calculated.

Jayme Fagas, global head of valuations and transparency at Thomson Reuters, explained the TRPS Score “builds on transparency in the form of price recipes, relevant data and direct access to our evaluators for price challenges.”

“Regulatory and disclosure reporting rules now place as much emphasis on how the evaluated price is derived as they do on the price itself. In order to stay compliant, customers need greater visibility into their pricing evaluations,” he added.

TRPS covers over 2.6 million fixed income securities and derivatives, spanning all major financial markets.

The evaluated prices are available through Thomson Reuters DataScope Select data platform.