TMX/Nasdaq OMX, Qatar, Thomson Reuters and more…

TMX Datalinx, the information services division of Canadian exchange operator TMX, has entered into a bilateral agreement with Nasdaq OMX Global Data Products, the data subsidiary of market owner Nasdaq OMX, to make each firm's market data available in the other's respective co-location facilities.
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TMX and Nasdaq OMX data agreement

TMX Datalinx, the information services division of Canadian exchange operator TMX, has entered into a bilateral agreement with Nasdaq OMX Global Data Products, the data subsidiary of market owner Nasdaq OMX, to make each firm's market data available in the other's respective co-location facilities.

Using TMXnet North America, TMX's low-latency network between Canada and the US, TMX and Nasdaq OMX's co-location clients can achieve access to Nasdaq OMX and TMX market data.

“TMX Datalinx's partnership with Nasdaq OMX Global Data Products allows us to expand the range of market data available to our co-location clients,” said Eric Sinclair, president of TMX Datalinx and group head of information services. “This makes trading securities more efficient as the access to the information to trade those securities will be readily available.”

Nasdaq OMX operates the Nasdaq stock market, the Nasdaq OMX Futures Market, PHLX derivatives market, PSX and BX equity markets. It also operates markets across the Nordic region.

TMX Group's subsidiaries include the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the TSX Venture exchange from small and medium enterprises, as well as the Montreal Exchange for derivatives. The company is currently pursuing a merger with the London Stock Exchange Group.

Qatar publishing real time data via SIX Telekurs

Live data from Qatar Exchange is now available to investors via financial information platform provider SIX Telekurs.

The real time service is sourced via the secure financial transaction infrastructure (SFTI) network, a connectivity solution that provides direct market access to the Qatar market. It features last trade and full order book data. SIX Telekurs is the first financial information provider to access Qatar Exchange's SFTI connectivity.

“Our connectivity with SIX Telekurs is significant in its potential to enhance our global visibility,” said Andre Went, CEO of Qatar Exchange. “We're very pleased to have the exchange's real time data available via their platform. We expect to see further use of SFTI by order flow providers using the direct market access facility.”

Thomson Reuters offers hedge fund solution

Thomson Reuters has launched an integrated workflow solution to bring together its capabilities from its Eikon and Elektron platforms to help hedge fund managers optimise their operations.

Elektron is Thomson Reuters' cross-asset trading and data infrastructure that offers low-latency market access and has an integrated set of trading applications. Eikon is the firm's desktop for financial market professionals.

The new solution provides real-time content, analytics and tools, incorporating broker-neutral trading capabilities. Users can direct order flow to 700 executing brokers, algorithmic trade engines and other alternative pools of liquidity via the Thomson Reuters order routing network. They can also source liquidity, receive indication of interest/trade advertisements in real time, perform transaction cost analysis and gain direct market access to trading venues around the world.

Included is the Aura portfolio and order management system from trading technology supplier Athena Investment Systems, which draws real-time and static data from Thomson Reuters Eikon via a desktop API, and is hosted over Thomson Reuters high-performance infrastructure Elektron.

SunGard eases on-boarding for US customers

Trading technology provider SunGard has introduced its SGN MatchMaker on-boarding tool to US trading customers on the SunGard Global Network (SGN).

SGN MatchMaker is intended to improve the delivery of SGN services. The tool will help customers in the US automate network connectivity requests and gain visibility into the authorisation process and connection status.

The solution is already used in Europe, Africa and Asia. SunGard's Global Network connects to some 1,600 buy-side firms to 500 liquidity providers through a single platform.

SunGard is also offering same-day securities lending data through its Astec Analytics Lending Pit solution, which updates global securities level rate and volume information several times throughout the day, providing customers empirical evidence about market sentiment.

Data from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific is posted around the clock, while US data is streamed in near real-time.

“Traditionally, intraday movements in market sentiment are hard to predict and even harder to fully capitalise on,” said Tim Smith, executive vice president of SunGard's Astec Analytic business unit. “By providing market data throughout the day, SunGard can help securities lending professionals better understand market activity and make more informed borrowing and lending decisions.”

BT offers trading outage solution

Telecommunications firm BT has installed a single BT Integrated Trading System (ITS) voice-trading platform across a distance of 850 kilometres, between Australian bank ANZ Bank's two main trading rooms in Melbourne and Sydney.

The service configuration, known as ”clustering', has previously only been applied to installations distancing around 100 kilometres between sites. Clustering is the capability to distribute a single BT ITS voice trading platform over multiple sites and locations using high-bandwidth, low-latency network connections.

BT's clustering solution is designed to limit the impact of an outage in one location while providing cost savings through maintaining the system remotely.

“We are already experiencing cost-saving benefits by switching to a ”clustered' voice trading platform,” said Robert Field, head of markets infrastructure, ANZ Bank. “BT was the only participant in the market that could meet our requirements to host the central equipment across dual sites located so far away from each other.”