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Welcome to the TRADETech Daily, the official newspaper of TradeTech 2018 produced by The TRADE. As you can imagine, the co-branding of this title was remarkably easy. After a year off, we’re delighted to bring you this revamped and vastly improved edition covering the biggest topics at the event, along with the latest news and interviews with some of the top speakers at the conference.

We’re equally as enthused to be bringing you this content through the medium of print, a means of content delivery, the death of which has been greatly exaggerated. Where VHS, floppy disks and vinyl have all succumbed to fresh innovations and newer models, print continues to be the ultimate vehicle for delivery of quality and easy-to-consume content.

If you’re doubting this claim, see how long it takes you to access a news story on your phone (enter passcode, hit web button, load page), then switch to the TradeTech agenda (open app, wait for spinning circle, scroll down) before then loading another page with an in-depth feature (you get the idea).

Well, the latency of flipping through this edition to find that information is likely to be lower than the superfast broadband and software you’re using, so long as you don’t suffer a papercut or coffee spill along the way. But ultimately, print wins!

The ability to flick through this edition and find valuable and relevant content is what has brought the TRADETech Daily back, bigger and better than ever before – along with the inclusion of a bingo card at the centre of course.

At a time where a reaction can be tweeted out in an instant and fake news has taken its place in our daily vocabulary, by picking up this newspaper you are supporting quality journalism and a means of information that dates back to ancient Rome. Something to remember while you’re donning that virtual reality headset.

Hot off the press in this issue is our latest news section (pages 4-9), while throughout the rest of the magazine you’ll find interviews with some of the top buy-side speakers at the event from Invesco, JP Morgan and Nordea Asset Management, among others.

We also look at major industry talking points such as MiFID II, volatility and the entry of new technology providers in financial services.

Make sure you catch our editor John Brazier at the event as well, who will be discussing the Insights into the ever-evolving equity trading market at the end of day two.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of the TRADETech Daily, be sure to keep an eye out for a wrap-up edition after the event, along with live event coverage on Yes, that’s our digital offering, don’t judge us, I’m sure our Roman journalistic predecessors would understand.

Jonathan Watkins
Managing Editor

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The TRADETech Daily 2018 - Wrap-up edition
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