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Let me begin this welcome letter with a confession: I’ve never been to Barcelona. Not exactly earth-shattering, I know, but having spent a respectable chunk of the last decade travelling around the world for various conferences and meetings, the Catalonian capital is one city I have yet to visit. Not even on holiday.

But that’s a thing of the past now, thanks to TradeTech FX Europe 2018! Following the success of The TRADETech Daily at this year’s conference in Paris, we are back with two FX-focused editions covering the best of the two-day event.

In this issue we’ve taken a look at some of the most pressing and vital issues presently facing the FX industry as a taster of what you can expect to hear across the two days of TradeTech FX Europe’s panel

Considering the rapid growth of electronification within the FX markets, it’s not surprising to see that many of these issues are centred around technology. The continued rise of algorithmic trading is addressed by Allianz Global Investor’s Andreas Anschperger on page 12, while trade analytics have become a cornerstone of Insight Investment’s process, according to Richard Turner on page 18.

Automation is also one of the major talking points, not just in FX, at the moment, with the omnipresent threat/opportunity of artificial intelligence looking over human traders. According to recent research from WBR, FX buy-side firms are actively pursuing greater automation process and The TRADETech FX Daily has examined what the aim of reducing the human touch will for asset managers on page 14. 

But before firms choose to implement shiny new technologies that may or may not be able to deliver the moon on a stick, there’s the pesky problem of legacy technologies to address. Explosions of market data and fragmentation have only exacerbated the concern for FX institutions, but, as we found out on page 20, taking a risk in this space can result in a big pay-off.

Then there is the often thorny issue of regulation and oversight, which, let’s face it, the FX markets have historically struggled with. Just over one year ago the introduction of the FX Global Code of Conduct sought to curb the bad behaviours of the recent past through a voluntary system of principles firms should aim to adhere to. But how
has the industry reacted? Have firms bought in to the new ideas and acted to achieve the higher level of transparency required to restore public confidence in the markets? Turn to page 26 to find out!

We will also be publishing the wrap-up edition that will include all our coverage across the conference, including news, reporting, analysis and more. Keep an eye out for it in early October. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this issue of The TRADETech FX Daily and don’t forget to keep an eye on for all the latest news on FX, equities, fixed income and beyond.Click here to download the full PDF.
The TRADETech Daily 2018
The TRADETech Daily 2018 - Wrap-up edition