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Software provider Trading Technologies is connecting to Nasdaq OMX’s central limit order book for electronic trading in benchmark US Treasuries, eSpeed.

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TT links to Nasdaq OMX eSpeed

Software provider Trading Technologies (TT) is connecting to Nasdaq OMX’s central limit order book for electronic trading in benchmark US Treasuries, eSpeed.

By connecting to eSpeed, TT now provides trades with a consolidated point of access to major global fixed income markets. It gives traders direct access to eSpeed’s liquidity pool to trade across a range of US Treasury securities and Treasury futures products.

"Our clients are some of the largest fixed income traders in the world, and we are very pleased to offer them access to eSpeed. TT users now have direct and reliable access to more than 90% of the US cash Treasuries market," Rick Lane, CEO of TT, said.

TT customers may now enter and manage trades on eSpeed using TT's suite of products, including X_TRADER, the ADL visual programming platform for automated trading, and the TT API and FIX Adapter API solutions.

Markit adds social media indicators to signals suite

Markit is offering new signals of investor sentiment designed to help customers with trading strategies or investment processes, after partnering with Social Market Analytics (SMA).

Markit's social media indicators are based on SMA's analysis of the text content in daily Twitter posts. Tweets are filtered for financial trading relevance and scored for market sentiment content.

Using aggregate Tweet data to identify potential buy and sell candidates, the indicators gauge investor outlook on stocks covering the following broad categories: tweet sentiment, tweet volume, relative value, changing sentiment and dispersion.

"In today's exceptionally competitive investment arena, timely new insights are key to investment success,” Tim Sargent, managing director and head of Markit Indices, said. “We are pleased to offer our customers SMA's social media indicators, which our research shows will differentiate their investment research and strategies.”

Markit has introduced 22 social media indicators, using SMA sentiment data, to its existing library of 400 factors, which span 12 categories.

SmartStream launches new intraday liquidity tool

SmartStream Technology has released an intraday liquidity tool for trading, allowing traders to have a real-time view of data. 

SmartStream’s new TLM Cash and Liquidity Management 2.5 solution, which works as an integrated front-office trading tool, was launched after discussions with user groups in London, which highlighted its importance to return on investment.

Instead of producing a summary report at the beginning of each day, which according to SmartStream would be old news later in the day, traders can make decisions on liquidity positions in real-time. 

“The accuracy of the summary reports at the beginning of the day are questionable,” Darryl Twiggs, head of product management, SmartStream Technologies, said. “Market positions vary in different time zones, where money is swept from one country to another.”

The new tool would not only give a holistic view of the trading environment, according to SmartStream, but allow banks to comply with Basel III’s tools for intraday liquidity management requirements, which are set to be in place by January 2015.

CMC appoints Colt for data centers

UK derivatives dealer CMC Markets has selected Colt as its data center provider.

The 12-year deal will see Colt provide access to various liquidity venues through its PrizmNet connectivity service.

It will give CMC low latency and secure access for the trading of foreign currency and other asset classes.

Colt’s data center is located in Welwyn Garden City and will enable CMC to half its physical data center footprint while continuing to support its business requirements.

TradingScreen hires sell-side business head in London

Trading software provider TradingScreen has hired Peter Holmgren to its London sales team to grow its listed and centrally cleared derivatives business.

The business has recently launched TradePlus, a multi-asset derivatives office for the sell-side front office.

Holmgren, who joins as head of sell-side OMS, has 15 years experience in business development and sales of complex IT solutions to the finance and banking sectors.

"New regulations are creating significant challenges for market participants, by demanding global views of holdings and risk, across geographies, time zones, currencies, and asset classes," said Philippe Buhannic, CEO of TradingScreen. "TradingScreen is in a unique position to provide a global, cloud-based, multi-asset solution.”