TS Imagine adds CLSA’s AI-powered European algo suite to TradeSmart platform

Integration will allow investment managers to utilise CLSA’s proprietary AI technology which empowers the algos to learn as they trade.

Trading, portfolio and risk management solutions provider TS Imagine has added CLSA’s AI-powered European algo suite to its list of certified brokers.

TS Imagine’s TradeSmart features pre-certified connections to more than 250 listed brokers and venues, as well as broker algos. The network allows buy-side clients to access trading opportunities and liquidity sources.

The integration will allow investment managers who are connected to TradeSmart to access CLSA’s AI-powered European algo suite, allowing them to utilise CLSA’s proprietary AI technology which empowers the algos to learn as they trade. 

The algo suite uses neural networks and dynamic execution planning, including prediction, detection and stock clustering of order book behaviour.

The algos respond to individual strategy components and modify underlying strategy behaviour to address changing market conditions throughout the trading session.

“Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in fragmentation, complexity and volatility within the EMEA trading landscape, which continues to cause market distortion and subsequently has had an impact on algo performance,” said Stephen Ashton, head of European equity trading at CLSA.

“Leveraging standard curves and simplified trading models is no longer adequate to react to this changeable, challenging and dynamic environment. Our Adaptive AI underpins our algorithmic offering, which monitors, evaluates, reacts and proactively capitalises on the enormous variety of market signals broadcast in real time.”

Earlier this year, TS Imagine added various next generation features to its TradeSmart fixed income execution management system, designed to improve workflow efficiency for traders within the global bond market.

Among the new features is TradeSmart’s liquidity snapshot, which enables fixed income traders to electronically capture all inputs required to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Elsewhere, TradeSmart added a best dealer algo feature which allows users to fully automate their dealer selection process by setting criteria which ranks dealers by the rules most relevant to them.

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“CLSA is a pioneer in the use of AI and provides best-in-class algo trading solutions throughout Asia,” added Chris Hollands, head of sales for EMEA and North America at TS Imagine.

“These models have now been fully customised and tested for EMEA markets, and we are thrilled to make them available to the buy-side through TradeSmart.”