US equities trading volumes in June highest in 5 years

Equities trading volumes soared on day of Brexit result, as June volumes climb to highest number in 5 years.

Equities trading across the US reached the highest daily volume in 5 years, averaging 7.6 billion shares, according to TABB Group.

The day of the European referendum result – 24 June 2016 – equities trades executed reached a significant 15.3 billion, the highest daily volume since 2011.

TABB Group’s equities liquidity matrix (ELM) revealed overall average daily volume surged 8% month-over-month in June this year.

The Brexit vote in the UK and recent Russell rebalance are thought to be behind the increase in equities volumes, TABB group said.

Volatility since Brexit has been felt globally across the financial industry, with political and macroeconomic uncertainty leading to “panic selling”.

Trading volumes across Europe have increased in June, with the London stock exchange experiencing a 38% growth in volumes the day of the Brexit result.

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) announced it has updated its risk assessment, following the EU referendum last month.

The updated dashboard now reflects the severe market movements in equity, bond and currency markets across Europe, immediately following Brexit.