BlackRock, SunGard, Equiduct and more…

BlackRock has purchased an enterprise licence from data software provider Panopticon Software for use of its visualisation software.

BlackRock teams with Panopticon for data tools 

BlackRock has purchased an enterprise licence from data software provider Panopticon Software for use of its visualisation software.

The agreement includes use of Panopticon’s SDK for Java and .NET, the Panopticon EX enterprise application and the Panopticon Rapid Development Kit to help BlackRock support its internal operations and client-facing applications.

BlackRock, an asset manager with US$3.5 trillion assets under management, will also incorporate Panopticon into its Aladdin Enterprise Investment System, a platform that combines risk analytics with portfolio management, trading and operations functions.

The firm offers products that span the risk spectrum, including active, enhanced and index strategies across markets and asset classes. BlackRock also offers risk management, advisory and enterprise investment system services to a broad base of institutional investors through its BlackRock Solutions business.

“Panopticon is the only data visualisation vendor in the market capable of supporting our requirements, which include the ability to visualise data from CEP engines, real-time message queues and tick databases, as well as traditional relational data repositories,” said Jeffrey Dean, director of high-frequency data and analytics BlackRock.

Thai broker selects SunGard to manage risk, execution efficiency 

Trading technology provider SunGard is to provide its Valdi connectivity and market making tool to support the trading activities of Thai brokerage KT ZMICO Securities.

The use of Valdi is intended to help KT ZMICO securities automate and consolidate its trading activity on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) onto one integrated screen, enabling tighter management of exposures and the ability to hedge in real-time.

Implementing Valdi will also give KT ZMICO the ability to collect orders from the SunGard Global Network, the vendor’s order routing platform, and automate trading strategies and quoting capabilities on the Thai warrants marketplace.

"KT ZMICO can electronically issue its derivatives warrants on the SET and automate its trading business with SunGard’s Valdi suite, thus helping bring more liquidity to the exchange,” said Chaipatr Srivisarvacha, the executive chairman and chief executive officer of KT ZMICO Securities. “This is a major breakthrough for the SET because many international investors still consider it to be an emerging market.”

Meanwhile, Bolsa de Valores de Lima, Peru’s domestic stock market, will use the SunGard Global Network as a means of distributing its data. Joining the network will give overseas buy- and sell-side firms access to the Peru bourse’s real-time and historical market data across multiple asset classes.

“We are seeing increased demand for direct connectivity to Latin America as the debt crisis drives international investors to seek alternatives to western Europe and US markets, said Philippe Carré, global head of connectivity of SunGard’s capital markets business. “The SunGard Global Network makes it easy to route orders and access real-time, high quality data, helping our customers operate more efficiently and make more informed trading decisions.”

Equiduct offers pan-European data feed via Interactive Data 

Market-by-Limit, pan-European retail trading platform Equiduct's aggregated data feed, is now available through financial information provider Interactive Data’s consolidated data feed, PlusFeed.

Equiduct's data feed, which provides a consolidated view of European liquidity, is now also available through Interactive Data’s desktop and managed solutions products.

Market-by-Limit displays the top ten price levels of the European consolidated book, providing a pre-trade view for executions taking place at the volume weighted best bid and offer in Equiduct’s best execution service called PartnerEx.

“The Market-by-Limit feed gives real-time access to a comprehensive pre- and post-trade overview of the main European lit markets in a very cost effective way,” said Peter Randall, CEO of Equiduct. “We believe it will not only be useful to brokers trading on Equiduct’s best execution service but also for multiple usages such as real time portfolio valuation. This is an important step for market players who can now finally see the full picture.”

Sapient sets out compliance package 

Sapient Global Markets can now achieve a unified view of compliance across systems, asset classes and geographies with a new compliance management and reporting system, called CMSR, which is designed to address OTC swaps data reporting requirements, both in Europe and the US.

The product lets firms collate data from different systems, translate it into the destination message format, deliver it directly to regulators and receive acknowledgement messages back from swap data repositories (SDRs).

Designed for firms doing business across borders, CMRS connects to all major trading and risk management systems that process high volumes of swaps and other OTC products. It is SDR agnostic and is the only system to date that collects and normalises data from multiple sources before transforming it into formats accepted by regulatory reporting destinations.

CMRS lets users manage and publish reporting requirements to various regulatory agencies. It lets customers configure reporting rules, manage varied data sources, apply filtering, exception and aggregation rules and configure destination reports in the required format. It also allows clients to trade and track data being reporting throughout the compliance reporting lifecycle to provide visibility into compliance positions at any point in time.

OpenLink releases CFTC large trader reporting solution 

Trading, risk management and operations processing software provider OpenLink has launched large trader reporting for compliance with US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulations resulting from the Dodd-Frank Act.

The key features of the CFTC large trader reporting solution include an XML-based reporting package which can be submitted directly to the CFTC, reporting coverage of all 46 CFTC-designated commodity codes, flexibility in supporting other commodity codes and products as they are introduced, and a reporting service that can be automated with other end-of-day reporting using OpenLink’s workflow scheduling tools.

“It is our goal to stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes so customers can be confident their solutions will be compliant as the market evolves,” said Phil Wang, senior vice president of product management, OpenLink.