BT launches tool to link up five largest FX markets globally

BT Radianz FX express tool links up FX datacentres in the UK, US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

BT has established a high-speed link between financial hubs in the UK, US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, covering almost 77% of the world’s FX trading.

The BT Radianz FX express tool provides low-latency and fully managed connectivity to allow users to execute FX trades faster, while gaining access to market data across the five locations.

It connects five key third-party global datacentres in the FX space, which were selected by BT because they are able to host the IT infrastructure for the FX community. 

Hubertus von Roenne, vice president of global industry practices at BT, explained the tool was created to boost the competitiveness of its financial services customers.

“With dedicated links within and between the world’s five biggest FX trading locations, BT can help FX firms lower costs while creating opportunities for international growth,” he said.

The BT Radianz FX express tool is the latest addition to the Radianz product suite, which offers market data and trading services.

Earlier this month, BT announced the acquisition of IP Trade SA - a voice trading and turret solutions firm - to boost communications for trading rooms and control floors.

The deal underlines BT’s continued investment in voice trading, something that has been steadily declining over recent years as more trades become automated.